What is E-Messaging?

E-Messaging is a notification system that allows the Guelph Police Service to directly send vital information through text, email or both to Guelph residents and business owners.

  • The system has the ability to send information only to a specific neighbourhood affected or citywide depending on the incident.
  • It is not a News Release, only important information is sent as needed.

Why should you sign up?

E-Messaging will provide you with insight on current incidents and issues going on throughout the City of Guelph to help keep you and your neighbourhood informed.

  • You can use these insights as a crime prevention tool to keep yourself, your family and community safe.
  • You can customize what notifications you receive from the Guelph Police Service to meet your specific needs and interests: Neighourhood Alerts, Community Events, Major Crimes, Crime Prevention, Public Warnings, Help to Identify

Example Message Topics

  • Crime prevention tips
  • Accident locations causing traffic issues
  • Thefts from cars, B&E's in your neighbourhood
  • Amber alerts, Missing persons
  • Threats to School Safety
  • Major incidents/crime in your neighbourhood


If you would like to register for E-Messaging, please click the link below

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